Mobile App Development

Marketonix is a prominent mobile application development company based out of Bengaluru. We have the expertise in building Android and iOS applications supported by a robust cloud-based infrastructure. At present, mobile apps are a necessary and not a luxury. We have the capability to develop mobile apps for B2B, B2C, and B2E business environments. The wide array of our multi-platform mobile apps services is customized to the requirements of all users, from mega enterprises and government to small and medium businesses. Our credentials include the development of various mobile apps for multiple sectors varying from healthcare to entertainment. Over the long term, we have delivered outstanding products resulting in positive customer experience. We are committed to serving our client’s best mobile applications.

Currently, we are living in an era of electronic gadgets, where it would not be possible to think of existence without Smartphones. Mobile has now become the nerve center of communication and a top domain in IT business. Smartphones have tremendous potential to build a market for your business. We assist you in using this potential to connect with a larger section of customers through just a few clicks. With the support of cutting-edge technology and by using mobile-first technology, we assist in market expansion.

Being a highly dependable mobile app development company, we endeavor to delight our client with the best, resilient and user-friendly mobile apps. We collaborate with our clients to ensure their requirements are met. Our motto is to deliver top-notch and cost-effective service, regardless of the kind of business you are in.

We help you to consider the mobile possibilities for your business and assist you to understand how a mobile solution would accurately align with your business model and deliver the expected functionality. Our distinct mobile strategy spearheads ROI for our clients, which enables us to stand out from other mobile app development firms globally.

We design all kinds of mobile experience to solve different problems. The success of mobile app development is reliant on an amalgamation of various features of which User Experience is the key. The apps which have reached global standards are the ones with great UX.

We help you to consider the mobile possibilities for your business and assist you tMobile apps are intended to support various mobile network and backend services over a wide array of network environments. We have a keen emphasis on performance testing which ensures your optimal performance experience. Application effectiveness and user experience are intricate in the mobility ecosystem.

iOS App Development

We construct iOS applications with an indigenous approach, using C, Swift technologies and Objective C to deliver the best for our customers’ iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch applications. We have successfully delivered apps with pixel-perfect designs, robust functionalities and UX customized for specific requirements and target audiences.

Cross-platform App

The technological advancement has resulted in a new method for mobile app development. Our developers’ are capable of developing aesthetically appealing apps with unique functionalities on multiple platforms with lesser time and cost.