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ECommerce Solution:

If you own an ecommerce website, then it is inevitable that you would develop a system where a customer can gather its purchases before moving ahead towards payment.

Why is a shopping cart provision necessary for your business?

It increases the global outreach of your product or service.
It is cost-effective as there is hardly any use of facilities like telephone, stationery etc.

What will happen if your website lacks a well-functioning shopping cart?

Whenever a website navigation becomes too complicated, it gives rise to shopping cart abandonment. Technical issues in the payment form or lack of payment options are the major reasons for an abandoned cart.

How can a shopping cart make a difference?

Having an online shopping cart system proves to be cost effective as the vendor need not invest for such infrastructure on a large scale.

School management:

Does your school need a website? Possibly no, because you own a school and not a business. It is a perception that a school is not meant to have a website, but it has become a necessity to have one. A website which delivers the information about all the latest events, student syllabi, classes and results commencement to the students as well as their parents. The purposes of having a school website are endless and very distinct any generic internet site. It has to be formal in design, must contain crisp and restricted information about the school, the sections for students and teachers are also entertained in a school website.

Creating a school website is complex in itself as it demands expertise in web designing and development. At Marketonix, we have a team of skilled web designers, developers and content writers who can together build a school website customised to your needs and requirements. We have produced the finest of school websites for our clients who had lesser and simple requirements to the ones who had complex and peculiar requirements for their projects.

CMS Website:

A CMS or a 'Content Management System' quite literally allows you to control and manage the content within your web site - without technical training. Using this uncomplicated system you can very easily add, delete images and edit text in your web site on the fly. We MArketonix have a skilled team who will develop customized website for you.

Payroll / HR:

Payroll software makes the work hassle-free and in turn manages the payroll professionally. The management of employees' information and routines on the daily basis become briskly convenient at the HR's end with the incorporation of this application. The software is quite convenient to use. You can access contact information, personal information, salary data, attendance, investment details, salary certificates and much more. This amalgamation of human resource management and Information technology gives the employer a competitive edge as the reduction in the chances of errors increases the productivity.